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Packing Tips

Moving packing tips and guide

Moving packing is an important part of the moving process. When you fail to pack properly, the items will occupy more space than they should and because most moving companies charge by the hour, you will end up paying more than you would have. When you fail to pack properly, there is a risk of damage because some items have to be packed in a particular way, especially if they are being handled by strangers. When you fail to pack properly, you will have a hard time unpacking and finding where everything is, especially on the first day in the new home.

To ensure you pack properly, you should give yourself time. Start the packing process days or even weeks before the moving day because packing can be very involving. When packing, determine the things that you do not need in the new home and sell them to pawn shops, online or offline auctions and/or garage sales. Whatever is not sold should be given away and whatever cannot be given away because of damage or for any other reason should be thrown away.

When moving packing, you should involve your friends, neighbors and family. The only other option is using the moving company to do the packing. This is very expensive because they usually charge by the hour and you cannot determine how fast or slow they work. When the moving packing is done by strangers, it is hard for them to know what is valuable to you. However, this has some advantages in that they have been trained in proper packing skills and so there is less likelihood to damage of the items.

Buy the right packing supplies – doing the packing with newspapers will lead to scratches and paint marks that are hard to remove. Your local hardware store is a good place to ask about the right packing supplies, buy you can also look up the information online.

Packing different items requires different approaches. When moving packing major appliances such as fridges and washing machines, use tall boxes that cover the whole appliance to prevent scratches. You should make sure the appliances are completely dry to avoid damage to the circuitry along the way or in the new home. When packing electronics, make sure you note where every wire was taken from so that installation in the new house can be easy. When packing mirrors and pictures, you should cover the glass area completely to avoid chipping corners and scratches and you should then place them in boxes, making sure they are packed close to each other. When moving packing flatware and plates, make sure each peace is covered with the packing material and them put them in a box, making sure they are packed very close to each other to prevent cracks and chips.

You should note the boxes containing the things you will use during the first day in the new home. It is important to label each box to make the unpacking process easy.

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