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Moving Tips

Moving tips – important things to note

Moving tips will help you have a smooth, uneventful moving day. The day can be very hectic and if you are not prepared adequately, you may end up leaving some things behind, having to pay extra to the moving company since they charge by the hour and getting some damage. You should write everything down, step by step, and you should follow this schedule to the latter. You should write what you are to do every week and you should tick whenever something is done – this is the best way to avoid confusion.

You should make a contingency plan incase there is a problem such as failure by the moving company to come through due to one reason or the other. The contingency plan could be doing self moving if the moving company bails out, knowing all the storage facilities in the neighborhood incase there is a delay and you have to vacate the house, etc. You should plan the contingency plan just as carefully as the primary plan.

To minimize costs, you should use your friends or family to do the packing, the loading, the unloading and the unpacking. The moving companies charge by the hour when loading and packing and so you should avoid them. Another way to minimize costs is to drive your car to the new home, therefore avoiding auto-shipping which can be very expensive.

You should move with as little as possible. This is because the more you move, the bigger the truck and the more you will pay. You should sell what you can afford to live without, you should have a garage sale for what is not bought through other means, you should give away what is not bought and you should throw away what cannot be given away. Moving to a new home should bring new experiences and memories and so everything should preferably be new.

You should check the insurance that the moving company has for you before the moving day. This is very important because most moving companies try to exempt themselves from blame incase of damage or theft by clauses in the fine print. If you are having problems going through the fine print, as most lay men do, have a lawyer go over it for you. You should also ask the moving company to send you a copy of the policy – this should be done with several companies so that you can choose the one with the best deal.

Another of the important moving tips is to check the credibility of the moving company of choice before putting pen on paper, especially if you have found the company online. This is important because there are hundreds, if not thousands of moving companies that just are just fronts for criminal activities such as identity theft and other cyber crimes and theft where you load your worldly possessions in a truck and you never see them again. You should go for companies that your friends, colleagues or family have used before. When using an offline company, look through the documentation for registration with the relevant Virginia agency. If you are using an online moving company, you can check the FAQ and the comments section.

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