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Virginia Sites to See

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Virginia Sites to See – Top Destinations

Virginia sites to see are many and they are very spectacular. They are fit for family outings, for company retreats, for camping, for hiking and for any other group of individual activity. One of the most visited sites in Virginia is the American Heritage RV Park. This is a picturesque park found around the town of Williamsburg and it is used by people from Virginia and by visitors, mostly for camping, but also for some adventure. It is a historic sight that has been maintained well and that brings the town of Williamsburg a lot of money in term of direct tourism and also indirectly.

Another Virginia sites to see is the Bethpage Resort. This is a spectacular campground where people can get involved in a variety of activities such as horse rides. People who visit Bethpage Resort are usually ride around the campground on horseback to view the beautiful scenery, especially scenery around the Rappahannock River. Another campground that is one of the most beautiful sites in Virginia is the Heavenly Acres Campgrounds that is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. People who come here usually come to view the mountain, to listen to the world life and to enjoy outdoor adventures as a family or a as a group. Another of the impressive Virginia sites to see that is popular with campers is the Shenandoah River Outfitters’ Camp Outback that sits along the Shenandoah River. Finally, the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is another impressive site that has a lounge for television and movie watching and a fire at night.

Mount Vernon is the most well known of the Virginia sites to see. The mountain belonged to George Washington after he was married to Martha Custis and it attracts thousands of tourists, both local and from outside the state every year. The main reason for this is the fact that George Washington died there, but also because of its scenic beauty. Another Virginia site to see that has something to do with George Washington is the Natural Bridge which he surveyed for Lord Fairfax. It is a scenic landmark and on the wall of he bride is his initials. Although the land around the Natural Bridge is privately owned, it still attracts many visitors.

Another of the many Virginia sites to see is the Jamestown Colony. This is a scenic recreated town that shows visitors what life in the 17th century might have been for the early settlers. The Jamestown colony attracts many visitors from within and without Virginia and it is a major employer in the region.

Another of the beautiful sites in Virginia is Monticello. This was the home of the author of the American Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, who was also the third president of the USA. The home shows some of his reputed genius in implementation.

These are just a few Virginia sites to see and if they have impressed you so much that you want to move to the state that has a lot of historical significance for the United States, you should visit for online estimates of moving companies and for other relevant information on moving to Virginia and on life in Virginia.

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