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Piano movers Virginia – what to look for

Piano movers Virginia play an important role in the moving process. This is because of the many dangers of DIY or do-it-yourself piano moving. Pianos such as grand pianos are very expensive and if not handled correctly, they can be easily damaged. With DIY moving, and insurance policy will probably not be in place, meaning if something goes wrong, that is the end of it. This is unacceptable because pianos can be very expensive, with a Grand piano fetching as much as $500,000. Another disadvantage of DIY piano moving is that pianos are usually heavy and bulky, with a standard upright piano weighing anywhere from 200 to 450 kilograms and a Grand pianos weighing anywhere from 325 to 660 kilograms, meaning they may not fit into the door of a normal van.

One consideration when choosing a piano mover is the equipment they have. Pianos, being bulky as they are, sometimes have to be passed through windows or balconies, especially if it is in an apartment building. Piano movers Virginia should have cranes that can reach your floor. You should therefore check with them before putting pen on paper.

Another important consideration when choosing a piano mover is the truck they are using. The truck should have doors that are wide enough for your piano and so you should check their fleet before putting pen on paper. The truck should be equipped with mechanisms to fasten the piano in one place to prevent the swaying of the piano.

Piano movers Virginia should have an insurance policy that will cover your piano against theft and damage during transit. The cover should even cover scratches to the piano and the loading and off loading of the piano. It is no secret that many piano moving companies try to exempt themselves from blame in case of damage or theft of the piano and they try to hide this information in the fine print. To be on the safe side, you should go through the fine print carefully. Good piano movers Virginia should give you a Bill of landing which as a legal document that details what is to be moved, the condition of the piano, the driver of the piano and the insurance value of the piano. The driver should sign before accepting to transport the piano and you should only sign if the piano arrives at your new home without any damage.

The piano moving companies that you consider should be able to offer a comprehensive service. This means they should be able to provide storage facilities for the piano, they should have their own truck rental service and should not outsource the service, they should have people to load and off load the truck for you and they should have people to prepare the piano for the relocation such as covering it with the packaging material. They should also have people to fine tune the piano once you have reached your destination.

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